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Yummy Combs

Yummy Combs Dog Dental Treat - Small - Protein Formula - 12OZ Carton

Yummy Combs Dog Dental Treat - Small - Protein Formula - 12OZ Carton

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  • COMPLETE AND BALANCED - 44% Superior Protein for performance with 12 additional wellness ingredients for Heart Health, Joint Health, Gut Health, Skin and Coat Health plus superior Oral Health packed into a highly functional shape will make you feel good about giving these treats to your dogs every day.
  • HONEYCOMB SHAPE - The world’s first patented and uniquely designed flossing dog dental chew. 360 degree flossing and scrubbing action surrounds each tooth for maximum cleaning all the way to the gum line for improved oral care and reduced foul odor dog breath. The deep honeycomb pockets clean up to the gum line cleaning each tooth front to back.
  • SAFETY FIRST - Its wide design deters gulping in one bite and encourages your dog to chew longer. Its hardness helps scrape and clean more thoroughly than traditional dental dog treats or dental sticks. Tested by board certified veterinarians to ensure the treat is safe for your dog when fed the proper size treat according to your dog’s weight classification.
  • HIGHLY SOLUBLE - Patent pending Slick’M makes Yummy Combs very slick when ingested allowing pieces to be swallowed easily reducing chances of being caught in your dog’s throat or bowel.  Yummy Combs daily canine care for teeth, are easy to chew but work like dental floss for a more complete clean than a toothbrush or other snacks.
  • YOUR DOG WILL LOVE THE TASTE - GLUTEN FREE - GRAIN FREE - Yummy Combs dog dental treats use superior animal protein with no grains, NON-GMO, all natural with 38 ingredients in all. Teeth cleaning dog treats with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

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This Shape Matters: A New Generation of Dog Treats with Uniquely Patented Shape and thin wall design deters gulping, flosses between teeth, cleans to the gum line, highly digestible, dissolves rapidly, and preserves health-supporting nutrients by way of low-temperature processing: