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Yeti Dog Chew

Yeti Natural Himalayan Yak Cheese Long Lasting Dog Chew for Aggressive Chewers

Yeti Natural Himalayan Yak Cheese Long Lasting Dog Chew for Aggressive Chewers

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  • All-natural hard cheese made from yak milk, cow milk and lime juice. No added salt or preservatives. Traditionally made for human consumption, this smoky hard cheese has become a favorite for dogs.
  • Usually lasts for days for moderate chewers. Harder than rawhide and bully sticks, softer than antlers or bones.
  • As the dogs gnaw on it, the chew softens allowing them to scrape off bits of the cheese. Safe for puppies and teething dogs, but always consult your vet for dogs with sensitive teeth.
  • When a small piece is left over, take away to avoid choking risk. Microwave small dry piece for 45-60 seconds. It will expand 2X in size. Let cool and your dog can enjoy this crunchy treat safely.
  • Virtually no odor, and leaves no stain

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Yeti Himalayan Yak Milk Dog Chew For generations, the people of the Himalayas have made these long-lasting snacks as an important part of their diet. The local name for this tasty snack is Chhurpi. Your dog will love them. These are seriously hard. Your dog will need to chew for hours to soften the end so that small bits can be scraped off. This quality chewing can help reduce tartar and improve your dog's oral hygiene - which is highly recommended by veterinarians. Features: - 100% Natural - No Preservatives - Gluten Free - Grain Free - Lactose Free - Low Fat. Key Specifics: - Completely Digestible – High grade chews lasts up to five times longer than traditional raw hide dog chews and are easily digestible. This is really a great treat for your pooch that they will love! - Keeps Your Dog Busy - This highly nutritious product can provide many hours of chew time for your dog. - No Harmful Ingredients - These chew sticks are free from any unnatural additives, chemicals, and preservatives. The product contains all natural, ingredients which are 100% healthy & safe for your dog. Package Includes: - Yeti Dog Chew Scroll up & click 'ADD TO CART' to get yours