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Pet Corrector 31140A 50mL Pet Corrector

Pet Corrector 31140A 50mL Pet Corrector

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  • Test your pet's sensitivity - activate the spray at a distance of more than one metre.
  • Direct the spray away from your pet's face (and never directly towards your pet).
  • Only use Pet Corrector Spray to interrupt a serious mistake - it is not meant as a substitute for poor education.
  • The timing of the spray is crucial - only use it when the bad behaviour is taking place. Be sure to reward your pet as soon as the bad behaviour has stopped, ideally while it is behaving in a positive manner.
  • Make each spray as quick and short as possible (so that the Pet Corrector Spray can does not empty too quickly).
  • Only work on one behaviour issue at a time (for example, jumping on people). Once this behaviour has been corrected, you can tackle a different behavioural problem, if required.
  • Dispose of the aerosol can responsibly when it is empty (do not burn, incinerate or puncture).
  • pack of six.

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Compressed gas emits a loud hissing sound dogs dislike Stops barking, chasing, stealing, jumping up & more Completely safe, humane & effective Free training guide included This is an offering for multi quantity bundle - 6 count