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SHAMELESS PETS Soft Dog Treats - Natural, Healthy Dog Treats Made with Upcycled Ingredients & Zero Artificial Flavors, Grain Free Dog Biscuits

SHAMELESS PETS Soft Dog Treats - Natural, Healthy Dog Treats Made with Upcycled Ingredients & Zero Artificial Flavors, Grain Free Dog Biscuits

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  • SPOIL YOUR PET GUILT-FREE! No more trash can raids, counter-top heists, or sneak attacks on your unattended plate! Shameless Pets presents a collection of all natural, superfood-infused dog treats specifically designed to satisfy that ravenous pet craving with healthy, delicious treats you can both feel good about. Use for pet-snacking, training, or just spoiling your four-legged companion!
  • WHOLESOME FOR YOUR PET, UPCYCLED FOR YOUR EARTH. Upcycled food is simply nutritionally dense food that would have never made it to the store shelves. Our team has worked to reallocate tons of delicious, healthy food ingredients into our manufacturing process. Every bag of Shameless Pet Treats your dog devours provides more income to farmers, saves resources, and is better for the environment!
  • WELCOME TO THE PET TREAT DESIGNED TO BOOST YOUR PET’S HEALTH! Rest assured that Shameless Pet Treats remain Grain Free, Soy Free, Corn Free, Free of GMO’s, and contain No Artificial Ingredients. So skip the junk, and go Shameless!
  • PROMOTING THE LONG, HEALTHY LIFE OF YOUR PET. We know how much you love your pet, because we feel the same about ours. That’s why our tasty power-packed dog treats are loaded with powerful natural ingredients selected to contribute to healthy coat, teeth, skin, digestion, and overall health. Easily tailor serving size to meet your pet’s low-calorie diet.
  • ADD TO CART NOW for a truly Shameless natural pet treat experience! Don’t forget to try all of our delicious varieties!

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Blueberry Flaxseed: An Antioxidant Powerhouse that Freshens Breath Shameless Pet Treats are scientifically formulated ingredient-by-ingredient with your pet's health as our goal. We add real Blueberries that are packed with disease-fighting antioxidants, while Flaxseed is loaded with Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Protein, and digestion-boosting fiber. We include mint and parsley to freshen your pets breath with every serving! All of the Taste, None of the Shame! Our award-winning dog treats were carefully designed to provide your precious pet with a satisfying treat that is as healthy as it is delicious! 100% Made in the USA and boosted with powerful superfoods, our treats contain some of the most advanced nutrition on earth. When we say Natural, we mean it! Our tasty treats are designed specifically for your dog's joints, coat, teeth, digestion, and overall health. As always, our treats remain Corn Free, Soy Free, Grain Free, GMO Free; and they dont contain artificial flavors or colorings. What we learned from our pets. Remember the last time your furry little bundle of joy ripped open your trash to find that bit of buried treasure? Well, he or she just might have been trying to tell you something. Every year 1. 3 billion - yes, billion - tons of food is wasted throughout the production process. Salvaging just a fraction of that would feed countless hungry animals and save precious resources that are currently going to waste! Our team has worked tirelessly to find nutritious food ingredients that were once wasted, and weve turned them into tasty yet healthy superfood treats for your pet. ADD TO CART NOW, and join the Shameless Pets Revolution! Don't forget to look for all of our superfood-fused varieties! Also available in Variety Packs!